How’s laser different from needle Acupuncture?

Oct 23, 2022 | Energy, Laser Acupuncture, Our Practice | 0 comments

Lots of people wonder why I use lasers in my Acupuncture treatment instead of the traditional needles.

Acupuncture treatments in Australia typically use single-use sterilised stainless steel needles. These are the same needles that are used in dry needling treatments.

They are effective in treating all sorts of problems, but at Adelaide Laser Acupuncture I tend to use infra-red lasers for most treatments.

This is because the cold lasers I use have been shown to be effective in decreasing pain, increasing circulation, speeding up wound healing and decreasing inflammation. It also requires much less time than needles to get the same result.

Using lasers also allows me to treat people who do not like having needles being used on them, so it is safe and comfortable for children!

Another benefit to laser acupuncture is that the treatment is much faster than a traditional needle acupuncture treatment, so we are able to make the treatments more affordable for more people who are suffering with pain.

A laser treatment doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, you may not feel anything during the treatment, but most patients feel an immediate difference after the treatment. Also, because there is no skin penetration, there is less risk of other complications.

So I use lasers because they are safer, more effective, less painful, and take less time to get the same treatment effect – if you have any questions, comment or email and I’ll get back to you asap!

– Muneer


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